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Why Businesses Are Getting Successful Marketing On Facebook

The one thing that every business seem to be doing right is getting their name known on Facebook. This social media giant, that used to be solely for social interactions and friendly stuff, is now a place where businesses like to throw their names.

It’s really smart, actually. They knew for years that humans have no turned to the internet and spend most of their hours on it. Since people aren’t looking up and around to see them anymore, they decided that the best way to get noticed was to invade social media.

They got what they wanted.

Marketing on Facebook is smart. It’s not a new way of marketing something either. Companies have been doing it for years now. They KNOW what they’re doing.

How about you? Do YOU know what you’re doing?

Increased exposure

Do you know how many users there are on Facebook? Over 1.19 billion. That amount of people is just perfect for a company who need the publicity and exposure to get someplace. Don’t dismiss Facebook when it has this many users there, with so many gullible people there willing to click on anything (mainly the old people).

Lowers the marketing expenses

Back then you would have to spend so much money just to get your name out there. These days, all you really need is an account on all social media platforms, and you’re suddenly very well-known. There might be some payments needed to be at the front of the page for a short while, but that’s really it. You don’t need to spend so much anymore. At least not necessarily.

Reach a targeted audience

Yes, there is literally a billion people on Facebook. However, you don’t really want all of that liking your page. The best thing about Facebook is that you can target the type of audience you would want. For example, if one user liked something related to K-pop, then it would probably be a good idea to target your ad on that person, especially if you sell clothes for the younger ones and young adults.

Build brand loyalty

Facebook gives us an opportunity to actively interact with our customers and followers. To the customers themselves, this is encouraging because they will start to see that there are indeed some humans behind the company logo. And if we keep interacting with our followers and provide some entertaining content, then they will want to stay, therefore making them loyal to our brand.

Spying your competition

People can take a look at what you have and see what you’re doing on your page, the same way you can do to your competition. It’s not like they aren’t doing the same thing anyway. Everyone stalks everyone these days. This is a healthy kind of stalking that is only really something that competitors do. You will be able to see what they’re doing and maybe got some insight for your own page too.