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Online Store Advertising Ideas

Building a successful online store sounds easier than working at a real store in a mall or a boutique. It only SOUNDS easier, that is. You would need to promote and advertise your store if you want to get some money back for your own business. So here are some ideas for advertising your online store.

Idea 1: Offer Your Deals Regularly

People go crazy if they see the word “discount” or “sale”. They would get more eager to buy from you if they think you have your prices lowered. Even if some of the deals you make aren’t all that grand or even make a difference to the regular prices, the “framing effect” will still be in effect. They would respond better to similar information if it was on a different framing, so to speak. Work on that and keep it regular so they would think that they were buying from a cheap store all the time. It isn’t lying if it’s actually also speaking the truth.

Idea 2: Attract Traffic via Promo Codes and Coupons

Perfect for getting first-time buyers. Don’t overdo it though. We don’t want your customers to feel entitled to getting the promos. And when they get indignant about not getting any, they might stop buying from you simply because they feel betrayed or something. Make sure that you’re targeting the right demographic for your promos.

Idea 3: Start Blogging for Your Online Store

What better way to build a loyal audience, increase traffic and make sales than by blogging about the store? Focus more on the blog posts that actually answer the questions your customers would ask. Make it entertaining and with a purpose, not to mention well-written. It wouldn’t do if the writing was made by an amateur after all. That would turn your customers away in no time. And then where would you get your customers? Try not to be too salesy though. That will only bore them to death and would make them not want to buy from you at all.

Idea 4: Influencer Marketing

Get someone who has a decent follower count to advertise your stuff for you. It doesn’t have to be someone with a big name and will cost you some, a micro-influencer will do. Those with a loyal audience will be enough. Unless you have the money and influence to get people like Kim Kardashian to model the clothes and make-up you sell, then go for it. I would personally go for famous make-up bloggers that have become famous on You Tube, though. Like either James Charles, Marzia Bisognin or so many more. They have their own products top sell themselves but they also promote and advertise other products too. With these ideas in mind, don’t forget to also research and update what needs to be updated. Some ideas may be an outdated style so make sure that you look into that as well.