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How Much Can You Really Trust Online Reviews?

There is a big rule on the internet that basically anyone with a certain amount of a following knows; “You can’t please everyone.”

This makes it a little hard to do your business because you kind of have to rely on the reviews and the happiness of the customers and clients you have since they ARE the ones giving you a profit and telling people about it. Their words are kind of what you rely on to get more customers and clients into your fold. The worse part of this is that you need to swim through all the useless scorn that appears unto ANY social media platform that has a comment section. If you ever want your day to be ruined, just go to the comment section of any You Tube video, or any discussion and forum that you come across with. Even Twitter is just as bad, in fact I think it’s worse than Reddit or other websites we shall not name.

However, these comments and reviews, as terrible as they are, gives us the traffic we needed.

You know what the sad part of this era is? Some companies and famous people would purposely give themselves a bad reputation or a scandal just so to get to trending and have a lot of people talking about them, making them even more famous. How can someone who’s working on an honest business compete against that?

Positive Reviews

They help, don’t they? Whether they do it in the form of making us feel better about ourselves, or to let us know that we actually succeeded in something. These are very important because we wouldn’t want to keep doing the business if all we get are bad reviews. It just means that we shouldn’t go any further and what we did was a giant mistake. The positive reviews let us know that we are doing something right for once. We rely on them, yes, but the most of the time they get overshadowed by the negative reviews.

Negative reviews

I wish we could just call them “Constructive Criticism” but unfortunately, that is not the case. Most of the time, the negative reviews let us know of the things that we need fixing or adding, to help customers and clients more in the future, at the same time let us improve. Then there are those times that the reviews are just plain garbage. Is anyone surprised? This is the internet we are talking about it. Then there are those “Not-Really Constructive Criticism” that hides itself as constructive but in truth is actually just intelligent garbage. The vocabulary may be perfect and it may sound smart on paper, but overall, these reviews are just from the people who have WAY too much time their hands and are probably just bored. They are also just there to be mean.