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Composing Effective Product Descriptions

After browsing the Internet, you found an antique ring that you want; you plan to give it to your loving mom as a gift. But what you have is just a photo of the ring, the ring’s name, and perhaps an ID number. Would you buy the ring with such limited information? Chances are, you won’t no matter how enticing it looks like.

That’s why product descriptions are very important. Buyers are more inclined to purchase a product or avail of a service if they know something about it. If you wish to have good sales on your products or services, then you need to have excellently written, convincing, and interesting product descriptions.

Tips in Creating Enticing Product Descriptions

Know the nature of Internet advertising

More specifically, know that you only have a 5 to 10-second window to grab your audience’s interest and attention. Thus, your product description must be short, concise, interesting, and to-the-point. As a rule of thumb, limit your product description to 60 to 80 words.

Know your target audience

For example, if you are selling gourmet chocolate, chances are, your audience are classy, sophisticated people who have a sweet tooth. Thus, describe your product in a way that matches your audience’s interest and preference. For example, you might describe your chocolate bars as luscious, having distinctive flavours, or made by the finest ingredients. You may use high-class phrases such as “one-of-a-kind,” “classy,” “elegance in taste,” and so on.

Describe the benefits of the product

An individual buys a product or avails of a service because the product or service has benefits that can address his needs or preferences. Therefore, enumerate the benefits of your product in your product description. Put these benefits in a bulleted list so they’ll be easier to read.

Determine the end result

Let the customer see the end result if he uses your product or service. For instance, if you’re selling high-quality protein shakes, then you might mention that when combined with rigorous workout, proper sleep, and proper diet, your protein shake can help your customer acquire muscle mass, ripped abs, and bulging pectorals. By giving him a glimpse of what your product or service can do to him, he’ll be more excited to make the purchase.

Include important details

People want more information so they can make a wise decision in purchasing products or services. Thus, include all relevant information you can. For instance, you may include the size, colour, material, etc. in your shoes’ product description. Just think as a customer: would you take a chance to buy footwear even if its product description did not specify its size?

Include social proof or testimonials

By including past customers testimonials, you can assure the reader that he is getting the right product or service from you.

Follow these tips when composing your product description, and you’ll have to replenish your inventory faster than ever before while amassing a handsome amount of sales.